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Sophisticated Sketching!

Sophisticated Sketching!

New Mexico Appraisal Services, LLC, offers a Floor Plan Sketch Package.   Our experienced professional team members have been providing Floor Plan Drawings for numerous years.  We are excited to offer our services to individual customers not just our professional customers.  After all, individuals do also need detailed documentation pertaining to their properties.  The best news is our package in for a low cost that everyone can afford!
New Mexico Appraisal Services, LLC offers an assortment of Floor Plan Sketch Packages to meet your individual or business requests.  Our precise measuring devices and a professional sketch program allows us to create a professional floor plan of your home or office. Our team member can create your package, within 48 hours. 

Your Floor Plan Sketch Package will include: A custom sketch with a detailed floor plan and room measurements of each room, with optional interior and optional exterior photos. Our Package will also provide accurate square footage. When listing your home for sale, consider providing a detailed sketch for visual purposes to your potential buyers.  This floor Plan Sketch Package could help your potential sales and all visual aspects pertaining to your property.   

The Most Common Purposes for this Service:                                                      

  • For Sale by Owner Listing
  • Verification of Accurate Square Footage 
  • Visual Purposes

We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss our Floor Plan Sketch Package! Please use our home page to send us an email; don’t forget to include  the  property address.                                                    

(505) 897-7390                                                 

Please take into consideration; pricing does vary from size or complexity of the structure.